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by Kal Madsen

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released July 7, 2018


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Track Name: Corset
tug on her corset until her ribs collapse
choke all her desires until her relapse
chase away her demons like they aren't built in
you could try these things, but you cant win.

Oh she comes walking in like the queen she is
singing her siren songs about the way she lives
shes got shiny shiny books that she bought in Paris
I guess with a body like that, living comes free

Then I saw the makeup streaming down her face
when she found her life became too fast pace
and half of it was just quiet a waste
but she always thought life was just a race.

oh ain't she pretty yeah ain't she slim
and she pleased with the skin shes in
you could mold her like clay or bend her like tin
you could try these things but you cant win
Track Name: Canopy
I want to feel your desires burning down my throat
I want to feel that phantom beat bumping in your coat
I want to feel everything yeah
nothings too remote, I want to be the canopy
above the river that you float

Oh and space-time baby it ain't a thing
especially considering you're sitting here with me
and space-time baby its time to relax
oh, space-time baby it ain't a thing.

I want to feel your biggest with coming true
I want to feel success pouring over you
I want these things long as the sky is blue
Yeah I want these things
But I don't want you
Track Name: Speaking Your Mind
I hear you speaking
speaking all the time
I hear you speaking
your tongue twists and your rhyme
I hear you speaking, speaking all the time
I hear you speaking
speaking your mind

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