Acoustic Demos

by Kal Madsen

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released June 23, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: Airhead Actress
The airhead actress is laying on my mattress
just got off her shoot today, the director filled her head with shit
and now she thinks she's miss LA

oh she puts on her makeup, yeah that girl gets caked up
and she's skinny as a stick
and her pops, her pops was a lunatic
and her helicopter mom
she sounds through her head like an intercom

no personality, just a character on TV
and she's worried about her mortality
but she fails to see reality
using her looks like weaponry
cold-hearted reptile woman
living her life so heavenly
cold-hearted reptile woman
looking for her face on magazines
hollywood hypnotherapy
and suppressing her stress with amphetamines
making it big by any means
From motel to motel
town to town that's where I dwell
Iv been to your city, cant you tell
I got it pinned on my lapel

oh it really wracks my brain
how all of these cities seem quite the same
and how all these pretties seem to have no name
id like to see the ocean soon
id like to see Van Zandt's tomb
and I could really use a groom
good thing that I'll be at the motel soon

well I took my baby for a ride
to see the countryside
I took my baby for a spin
just to see the sunshine on her skin
and to see the snow and the falling leafs
and fireflies in Tennessee
and to take a nap under a tree, then off to the motel for me
Track Name: Alligator Bites
well he went to the woods on a Saturday night, the darkness swallowed everything in sight. He met a shadow there, oh it was such a fright, but when he tried to run he was caught by its might.
well its his problem that hes looking for trouble, but when the alligator bites ya he's on the double. he builds up his forts, an alter ego of sorts, and it worked quite well tills hes in my court.
well cindy was a farmers daughter in an old farming town. she danced and sang when no one was around, till they put her pops in the ground. Now she spends her time in the woods alone, like a coyote searching for a home. and when she got back to her town all the people stared and said, look how youve grown. Yeah but then she went back to the woods and she met a man, she said mister I did the best I could they just dont understand. he said dont worry baby, just take my hand.
well conversation oh it turned quiet dull till a madman came and he shot up the mall. they said it was his decision he did it for his religion but we all know its because of his mental condition.
well its his problem that hes looking to kill, but when the alligator bites yeah he's looking for thrills. and in the end he left a bullet for him self so we will never know what he was after.

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